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Frequently Asked Questions

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Are services safe for melanated skin?

Lotus Wellness understands that many aesthetic devices in the past have caused serious burns and/or side effects to individuals with melanated skin. Lotus Wellness invests in premium devices that are not only safe for melanated skin, but many were created specifically for melanated skin.

Do you offer weight loss injections?

Yes, weight loss injections are the Slim Session or Slimmer Session. Individuals can expect to lose 10-20% of their overall body weight based on type of weight loss treatment. 

How much is a syringe of filler?

The providers at Lotus Wellness are dedicated to providing premium and experienced service, which is why we do not charge per syringe of filler, but rather by treatment area. This pricing method ensures that we are able to give our clients the results they desire based on our skill level and expertise, and not the budget.

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